Max Time: 15 minutes

The Eliixir is equipped with 3 facial tanners along with 40 bulbs to aid in building or maintaining a tan.

Target: Fair Skin, Tan Maintenance, Relaxation


Sungate (Turbo Bed)

Max Time: 10 minutes

Dr. Mullers Sungate delivers a strong and hot sessions. The heat helps stimulate your skin to build and attain a beautiful bronze.

Target: Medium Skin / Strong Base


Suncapsule Stand Up

Max Time: 12 minutes

The Suncapsure delivers a 360 degree tanning experience. Blended with both strong bulbs and bronzing bulbs to attain even results.

Target: Base tans / Pressure Points / Sides


Ergoline Classic 650 (High Pressure)

Max Time: 15 minutes

The Ergoline Classic 650 is equipped with 10 high pressure lamps along with bronzing bulbs that wrap on either side to hit your hard to tan areas. Turn on the 9 air vents to tan in a cool environment.

Target: Bronze/Fast Colour


I.So Italia Matrix L33 (High Pressure)

Max Time: 15 minutes

The Matrix delivers a quick and safe high pressure tanning experience. The 360 degree bulb design, emits the perfect amount of UVA and UVB rays to give you the deepest, darkest, longest lasting color.

Target: Bronze/Fast Colour